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Homer Auto Service SBOX iRIS Mekanik Bakım

Homer Auto Service Mobil Aplikasyon Homer Auto Service T.C. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞI ACİL SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ AMBULANS HASAR YÖNETİM Homer Auto Service Mini Hasar Onarım

We offer 360-degree maintenance and repair services with the competence brought by 20 years of experience and the extensive service network we have established throughout the country.


We are the only entity in Turkey capable of providing integrated repair and repair management services under a single roof.



Because under the roof of HOMER, the Vehicle Repair and Repair Management service

  • managed from a single center,
  • cost-effective,
  • where standards and fees are predefined,
  • where organization representatives can track the entire process through the software,
  • Offering 100% customer satisfaction-focused standard quality throughout every corner of Turkey,
  • is provided.


Because the service received from HOMER provides;

  • communication from a single center in all repair and management services,
  • centralized identification and organization,
  • approval and direction power,
  • 4.500.000 spare parts data


  • standardized pricing,
  • parts recovery priority repair,
  • fast and high-discounted part procurement,
  • minor repairs, plastic repairs, and paintless dent repairs.


Because the services from HOMER, provides individuals, whether their vehicles are insured or not, a 100% guaranteed Vehicle Repair and Repair Management Service


  • in a centrally managed corporate structure, with modern repair technologies,
  • from the moment repair is needed until 100% customer satisfaction is achieved,
  • where repair and assistance services are integrated in whole process,
  • with standardized and fixed fees all over Turkey, without unexpected costs,
  • with approvals obtained at each step.