Individual Insured

Individual Insured


We are at your side until your satisfaction is ensured from the moment your vehicle is in need of repair.

HOMER provides solutions about personal or light commercial vehicles which individuals all around Turkey use residental or for their travels by gathering all necessary supports from a center point.

It also provides affordable repair, spare parts and assistance services especially for vehicle owners without automobile insurance.

  • Standardized and central guaranteed services in all around Turkey
  • Centralized inspection and centralized pricing in all around Turkey
  • Standardized and fixed pricing in all around Turkey
  • Centralized corporate proxy in all around Turkey

The service program described below concerns car owners who use HOMER MOBILE APPLICATION.


  • Enterprise service under a centrally managed system.

HOMER customers have access to a 100% guaranteed repair and other services in the event of damage and breakdown of their cars especially during the journey (or in their living areas) by involving an enterprise infrastructure.


  • An operation model where all kinds of pricing are centrally determined at the beginning of the project.

HOMER customers throughout Turkey will be taking repair and assistance services with fixed and extremely advantageous prices.


  • Communication with fast and modern technologies

With the use of advanced mobile applications and internet technologies with 24/7 communication will be available to HOMER customers at all times including emergency situations.


  • Integrated Service

HOMER customers will have the privilege of receiving all of the following services with a single keystroke or a single call in an application on their smartphone.


  • Data Storage Service

HOMER customers can access the pictures and documents created by HOMER at any time via internet and download them to their personal computers. HOMER stores all documents for 3 years.


  • Spare Parts Supply Service

Homer customers get spare parts they need for repair with all the alternatives with high discount in Turkey. HOMER gives spare parts service to its customers without profiting on supplying spare parts.


  • Replacement Vehicle Delivery Service

HOMER customers have the opportunity to obtain a replacement vehicle at very suitable and constant prices during the repair.


  • Insurance Company Services

HOMER customers receive services for organizing and tracking all transactions related to Automobile Insurance or Traffic Insurance during all maintenances in HOMER for free. HOMER executes and tracks the entire process centrally, including opening the damage file.


  • Spare Part Information and Supply Service

HOMER customers will be able to get free information support on original code, original, price, and alternative brands for all kinds of spare parts and consumables they will need for their vehicles, even if they are not repaired at HOMER. They will also be able to provide spare parts with a very high (professional) discount if requested.


  • Campaign Benefits

HOMER customers will also be able to provide services for maintenance and mini repair services at very affordable prices.


Services for Individual Customers

  • Vehicle Repair Services
    • Damage Repair
    • Mini Repair
    • Malfunction Repair
    • Roadside Assistance (breakdown repair on the road)
    • Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Supply Service
  • Tire Storage and Management Service
  • Spare Part Information and Supply Service
  • Assistance Services
    • Tow Truck Service
    • Roadside Repair Service
    • Spare Vehicle Delivery Service

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