Insurance Sector

Insurance Sector

We believe that it is important to create business models and products in which the insurance company can be saved while ensuring customer satisfaction on the one hand while working with the associations that will be formed since the production in the insurance sector.

With our experience, software infrastructure, central operating power and networks (REPAIR, SPARE PARTS, TIRES), we share our suggestions with insurance companies to create products that will create special competition for your organization.

We perform vehicle repairs with the right costs, and we serve with a working environment where satisfaction is entirely met for the insured and at the same time the operational costs are reduced.

Araç onarımlarını doğru maliyetler ile gerçekleştirirken sigortalılar için memnuniyetin tam olarak sağlandığı ve aynı zamanda operasyonel maliyetlerin düşürüldüğü çalışma ortamı ile hizmet ediyoruz.

Our Repair Services Our Mini Repair Services
Damage Repair Paintless Dent Repair - Hail Damage Repair
Malfunction - Maintenance Paintless Body Repair
Roadside Repair Paint Restoration - Mini Patch
Fleet Operation Windshield Repair
Tire Management and Storage Plastic Bumper Repair

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