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Homer Auto Service SBOX iRIS Mekanik Bakım

Homer Auto Service Mobil Aplikasyon Homer Auto Service T.C. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞI ACİL SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ AMBULANS HASAR YÖNETİM Homer Auto Service Mini Hasar Onarım

Any repair of electric vehicles requires special training, equipment and environment.
HOMER carries out the necessary structuring in its own network to ensure that body, mechanical and electrical-electronic repairs of electric vehicles can be carried out correctly according to the manufacturers' instructions and the technical specifications of the vehicles.
Training started to be provided to Service Points selected according to regions in order to create a network that will perform electric vehicle repair. These trainings are planned to train staff who are qualified to carry out a fully equipped electric vehicle repair in cooperation with a certified, experienced teaching staff from foreign sources in Turkey.
In addition to the training that has started to be given since January 2023 at the "Electric Vehicle Training and Repair Management Support Center" established in the HOMER Headquarters building, R&D studies are also carried out rapidly.
Electric vehicles are devices whose working environments and equipment must be special. HOMER acts centrally to provide the necessary environment and technical equipment in this regard and ensures the creation of standard conditions at all Service Points that repair electric vehicles throughout Turkey.
HOMER offers corporate solutions for electric vehicles for individual vehicle users as well as for vehicle importers and distributors, with its widespread service network and central management throughout Turkey.